Saskatchewan is a vast, open land where big game roam and flocks of waterfowl fill the skies overhead. Big-bodied, record-breaking trophy white-tailed deer populate vast stretches of prairie up to the boreal forest fringe. Black bear and moose are found throughout the aspen parklands and boreal forest all the way up into Saskatchewan’s northernmost reaches. Located along the Central Flyway and in the heart of the Prairie Pothole Region, the southern half of the province is a well-known bird-hunting mecca. Up to 70 percent of the continent’s waterfowl migrate through Saskatchewan and large numbers of ducks nest in the wetlands here.

Hunting Outfitters

Luxurious remote lodges to do-it-yourself adventures. Experienced Hunting outfitters will guide you on your bucket list adventure.

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Game on in Saskatchewan. Record reaking white-tailed deer. Massive colour phased bears. North Amrerica's ducuk factory. Wide open space, pristine wilderness and legendary hospitality. The next record could be yours.

What You'll Hunt

Waterfowl and Upland Game Birds

Saskatchewan offers excellent waterfowl and upland game bird hunting throughout the province. Waterfowl are abundant in the southern regions, especially in areas covered by the Central Flyway, including the Quill Lakes and Qu’Appelle Valley region. Upland game birds are most plentiful in southern Saskatchewan but can also be found in forest fringe and wooded areas in the north. For seasoned bird hunters looking to experience vast spaces with an abundance of birds, Saskatchewan promises an incredible experience.



Saskatchewan's Central Flyway and Prairie Pothole regions are home to huge populations of waterfowl. Feel like going on a duck hunt? Saskatchewan has one of the largest duck populations in North America, contributing one of every four ducks found on the continent. Canada geese flock through the skies, snow geese make golden fields look like snow drifts, and sandhill cranes fill the air with their distinctive cries.

Bird Hunting Canada Geese Saskatchewan Canada


Upland game birds

The open prairie and lightly wooded regions of Saskatchewan mean plenty of opportunities for upland game birds. Sharp-tailed grouse, ruffed grouse and Hungarian partridge can be found in the southern prairie and northern forest fringe regions, and spruce grouse can be hunted in Saskatchewan's north. Saskatchewan residents can also hunt ring-necked pheasants and ptarmigan.

Bird Hunting Ruffled Grouse Saskatchewan Canada


Guided and unguided bird hunting

Although non-residents are not required to use the services of a bird hunting outfitter, Saskatchewan’s outfitters offer a range of advantages, from lodging and meals to freezing services and guided outings in prime hunting areas. Outfitters are able to secure permission for hunting on private lands in the southern portion of the province.

Check our list of outfitters for guided bird hunts.

Saskatchewan has several parcels of land that have been purchased for hunting by the government and the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation.  Contact the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment or the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation for information.

Bird Hunting Snow Gees Saskatchewan Canada


Birding season dates

Saskatchewan game-bird seasons open in early September and October, depending on species. Check the latest Hunters’ and Trappers’ Guide for the current seasonal dates.

For full bird hunting rules and regulations, click here



Big Game


Saskatchewan is a vast province of rolling prairie, dense forest and thousands of lakes, with record-breaking white-tailed deer, plenty of black bear and moose. With licensed outfitters throughout the province and a wide variety of areas to suit your preferences, you can hunt to your heart’s content in Saskatchewan.


White-tailed deer

Saskatchewan is one of the best places in the world to hunt white-tailed deer. A combination of genetics and habitat produce record-breaking specimens. The world record for a white-tailed deer is held by Saskatchewan resident Milo Hanson, who bagged a buck with an inside spread of 27.2” – now known as "The Hanson Buck" – on November 23, 1993, on his farm near Biggar, SK. Check out his story here.

Big Game Hunting White Tail Deer Saskatchewan Canada


Black bear

Black bear can be found throughout the northern forests, but their range extends down into the southeastern regions of the province as well. Many bear hunting camps report at least one or two bruins weighing 400 to 500 lb. every year.  These animals can provide challenging hunts, requiring travel by boat and all-terrain vehicle into remote parts of the province. They can be found in a variety of colour phases, including black, brown, blonde and cinnamon, as well as animals with white chevrons on their chest.

Big Game Hunting Black Bear Saskatchewan Canada



Moose hunters also enjoy great success throughout the northern forests. Alaskan, Western and Eastern moose range throughout Northern Saskatchewan, with the most being Western moose averaging around 1300 lb. Saskatchewan’s lake-studded geography provides plenty of shoreline areas where moose gather. The Porcupine Hills, Cumberland Delta, Wapawekka Hills, Pasquia Hills, and Meadow Lake region are among many superb locations.

Big Game Hunting Moose Saskatchewan Canada


Choosing an outfitter for non-residents and non-Saskatchewan Canadian residents

Saskatchewan’s licensed outfitters offer great guided hunts, as well as lodgings and meals. Non-resident hunters must use the services of a licensed outfitter to hunt black bear, moose and white-tailed deer, and non-Saskatchewan Canadian residents must use an outfitter to hunt moose.

To find the outfitter that fits your needs, search Tourism Saskatchewan’s outfitter list.

Saskatchewan resident hunters

Hunting to manage the numbers of antelope, mule deer and elk is reserved for residents of Saskatchewan. Most seasons are managed by computer-draw, although there are open seasons for elk in some areas. Residents can also hunt moose, black bear and white-tails on over-the-counter tags. Check the Hunters and Trappers Guide from the Ministry of Environment for more information.

For full big game hunting rules and regulations, click here

Informational Hunting